Thursday, August 10

War Wounds!

Well, there you go... some days you just can't win. We had to go pick up a prescription from the doctor's surgery on campus after nursery. Ted dutifully (not quietly, note, but dutifully) let me plonk him rather quickly (and definitely unceremoniously) into the car (I was, just for a change, running late) and we scooted up to the surgery.

Having done that, I relaxed a little, so when Ted spotted some birds on some grass (raised from where we were) around the nearby halls of residence I was happy to pop him up on high, hop up myself, and let him toddle around (perhaps "toddle" isn't doing him justice these days, but there y'go). So for the next five minutes or so we chased birds (or rather, Ted chased birds and I carefully herded Ted away from the five foot drop back down to the path) until we found ourselves at a point where the path came up to meet the grass at which point I deemed it time to go back to the car.

Ted then, giggling happily, started running back down the path... *trip*... WAAAAH! So we now have two skinned knees; our first, we think, of no doubt many. And this in spite of my constant vigilance in making sure he didn't hurl himself from up on high and hurt himself.


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