Friday, February 9

Ted's first letter

Confusing as it may sound, Ted's first letter isn't "T" but, in fact, "E". Let me explain...

We were grabbing a coffee (and snack) on the way back from the "train park" (as Ted calls "Rushcliffe Country Park") last Sunday, sitting looking out of the window of a Caffe Nero, when Ted suddenly points to the logo on the window and says (words to the effect of) "that one with the lines going across, that's in my name" - correctly identifying the "E" in "Nero". He's since spotted the same in a newsletter from our church, Beeston Free.

I told his room manager at nursery and I thought she was about to burst into tears, she looked so pleased.

I have to confess I'm impressed - just to be able to start identifying the similarities between how two different words are built up seems impressive. It just goes to remind me of a quote from one of the texts I've been reading - “If we taught children to speak, they’d never learn.” (quoted in "How Children Fail").

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