Sunday, October 31

The perversity of animate objects

Today we carved up a pumpkin (in the traditional style of Halloween and all that). Preparing for the worst, I put down a plastic mat on the floor, then put a bowl in the middle of the mat sat down, with Ted, and began scooping out pumpkin seeds. You see, nursery have told us that Ted loves messy play and I assumed that a handful of pumpkin seeds/stringy bits/flesh would be just the job.


Despite all encouragements in the direction of the bowl, Ted took one look at the mess I was depositing into the bowl wrinkled his nose up and crawled in the opposite direction!


Happy Halloween :)


*chortle* Dad left himself signed in, so now I've got my own account for posting here! Just watch this space...

Game-oriented vs goal-oriented behaviour

We were playing in the conservatory yesterday with the snail shape-sorter. The first time through, Ted emptied the snail and I helped him refill it - classic game-oriented. The next time Ted decided that this apparently took too long and so after tipping out the pieces left the lid off and just put the pieces back in again (classic goal-oriented). Now which way will he choose next time, I wonder?

Friday, October 29

Happy Halloween

At nursery today, we were allowed to dress up in an appropriate style. I persuaded Mum and Dad to make a bit of an effort. I was suitably impressed with the results and even deigned to pose with hat on (unusually enough) for Dad to take a photo as a keepsake.

Hope you all like it.

-- Ted

Thursday, October 28

Eczema update

Yesterday, we were given a thumbs up by the doctor regarding his eczema.

For the last month or two, Nikki has had regular appointments with the GP to monitor Ted's skin condition as she (the doctor) said that, due to Nikki being a medical student, she could trust us to monitor and change the treatment of Ted's skin on a day-by-day and patch-by-patch basis (she's given us three different strengths of steroid cream together with his normal moisturising lotions and potions)!

Yesterday was a final check-up to make sure we're staying on top of things correctly; we don't have to go back for another 3 months now. Apparently his skin is in an acceptable condition for his age and he should grow out of the eczema in time.

Which is nice.

Wednesday, October 27

That's "Mister Independent" to you

Not sure if we've mentioned this before, but about a fortnight ago, somebody flicked a switch in our little boy from "baby" to "independent toddler".
The transformation was really that marked: Suddenly he has to do things for himself if he can.

This includes holding his own bottle in the morning and at night (and very nonchalant he looks, too, propping the bottle in one hand, Beattie clutched in the other), climbing up and down stairs (no matter how much of a rush we're in) and walking at various intervals to be determined by his whim (and how tired he is)... this morning he walked out of the front door (he's still holding onto someone, he's not yet that independent) and instead of heading for the car and off to nursery, he decided that he wanted to go and see the cars go past and wouldn't be guided back to the car until he'd seen them!

Tuesday, October 26


Encountered some resistance, this morning, when brushing teeth. It ended up with Ted sprawled across my lap howling (sorry, clearly stating his protest) which then gave me ample time to inspect said teeth.

Turns out it's not overly surprising that he was putting up a little struggle - as there are now three molars (one each on left upper and lower and right upper jaw) on show to complement the eight known incisors!

Everybody altogther now... Ah!

Monday, October 25

Photo update

So, just to quickly say that Dad's posted a few new photos from the weekend onto the Canon site. I figured that if I didn't tell you, then Dad'd no doubt forget 5 minutes later - you know how he is!

-- Ted

Hi folks, and welcome

Mum and Dad came up with another way to try and keep you up to date with what I'm up to. They figured that a blog might prove an easy thing to keep updated, apparently, as they can get a plug-in for their chat client that allows them to post here as easily as chatting to you when you're online.

Course, it means that I can keep you updated with what's really going on, too! *chortle* Welcome to my world!

-- Ted