Tuesday, November 30

Hot off the catwalk

Fashion parade a la Tedster, this evening. Just his colour, we all thought!

Monday, November 29

"Lookin' Good"

Ted was an absolute star at Stefan's baptism; not the star, of course - that was Stefan, who behaved impeccably - but nevertheless, he definitely revelled in trying out this new trick of "walking" (as he understands it is known).

Here he is taking a short breather before making a fresh assault on the buffet.

Thanks to Heidi for actually remembering to take a photo of the Tedster all dolled up!

Sunday, November 21

Giddyup Grandma

Just come back from a fabulous weekend with Grandma and Grandad (House) and Uncle Peter in Kings Lynn. I'm feeling loads better now, and consequently felt more like playing. Which was good, cos apparently so did Grandma and Uncle.

What was it that Dad said? "Why keep a Grandma and crawl, yourself?" Something like that, anyway...

Sunday, November 14

Toddler Ted - it's official

This weekend has seen a number of "launchings" - early attempts from an already upright position, with one or maybe two small stumbling steps - to his personal best this afternoon where he stood up from sitting on my lap and made maybe half a dozen steps to Bod's waiting embrace.

The only thing he needs to learn is how to stop! Currently he's reliant on "parking by braille". One step at a time...

Wednesday, November 10


I've got a cold. I hate colds.


Monday, November 8

Pub grub

Had great fun yesterday at a place they call "Brewsters". It's a sort of pub restaurant (Dad says) but its got a great soft play area, too, where I can wait for our food :)

First I played on the slide and Mum and Dad were very impressed when I crawled up to the top of the slide then carefully turned myself around to slide down properly - we've done it enough times together, so I'm not sure why this would prove so surprising.

After that (and after a plate of sausages, mash and what Mum tells me is called "yorkshire pudding") I played peek-a-boo with Mum and Dad around some large cubes in the play area.

It can be very hard work enjoying yourself this much, so I slept well last night :)

Saturday, November 6


Today, for the first time, Ted found his chair. I'd sat him in it five minutes earlier and he'd promptly climbed back out and pushed it around the room using it like a walker. Next thing I know, I turn back and he's pushed it back into place and sat himself in it!

Which, of course, deserved applause :)

Monday, November 1

Up and running

Well "up" at least. You see, I fancied a bit of a change this morning.

Dad walked me in to the usual room at nursery and, as usual, I handed over my report book to Emma. Then we poddled over to the breakfast table and Dad, in his usual way, hovered around behind me trying to shepherd me into a seat.

But today I felt like standing for a bit so I shrugged off his support and stood there for a bit (maybe 5 seconds or a bit longer) before taking hold of his arms again and allowing myself to be escorted to my seat.

Apparently this was good as it provoked all sorts of delighted noises from both Dad and Helen (who was on breakfast duty).

You'd think they had no faith in my abilities - hadn't I had a whole night's sleep since the last time I tried?