Thursday, January 18

Careful scrutiny

Picking up Ted from nursery this evening, I was informed by Annie (his key-worker) that he has a new girlfriend. The young lass, who shall remain nameless, had been playing a game earlier in the day in which the girls had pretended to be stuck on the slide (more details than that I simply do not know) and Ted had repeatedly gone to her aid. She has, apparently, declared her love for Ted - and indeed, such is the interest that her father is now asking questions along the lines of "so, who is this Ted?"

I reassured Ted that he'd be best standing behind me as the chances were good that her dad was smaller than his.



Saturday, January 6

Pooped pooch

I think we've broken him... he seemed to be enjoying himself at the gym, then coming home in the car he fell asleep - and stayed asleep when we carried him in an popped him on the sofa... for about an hour!