Thursday, February 24

Just popped in to say...

Evening all; just a note to let you know how things are going here in my world.

I had a visit to the health visitor this week, just to give her a chance to check on how I'm doing, so Mummy said. Apparently I'm too well - she (the health visitor) tried to close the door on me (Mummy said it was an accident - I'm witholding judgement until the next visit) - still on the 91st centile for height and weight (so I'm not too tubby, in spite of what that lady doctor said at the hospital) and she seemed happy with the answers Mummy gave about my diet, sleeping and development. So that's nice.

Nursery is getting better - my favourite lady (Ailna, for those of you that remember names) has moved back into my room and - how cool is this - is my keyworker again (the other lady went off pregnant again - that happens a lot, apparently). So things are looking up; I went in today and happily toddled over to get some breakfast. Dad popped his head over the wall to say "goodbye" but I was kind've occupied by that time, so he didn't push his luck.

We've tried the new gym a number of times now. I do like this new pool - they've got these water spouts that come up out of the floor and you can run up to them and bury your face in them, Sometimes I forgot to stop breathing, which makes me cough a bit, but... oh, it's such fun!

Right - it's late, so I'd better get some kip now. Until next time. Goldfish kisses to you all.

Saturday, February 19

Memory by association

Should there be any doubt about whether Ted is busy building memories, let me assuage them right now. As a case in point, we found a pair of Poppa's pyjama bottoms under his pillow this weekend just gone (as I was changing the bedding for Bod).

We had washed them and they were in the basket at the bottom of the stairs. Ted went past on his way to bed, spotted them and immediately let out a cry of "Poppa!" hurtled the rest of the way upstairs (merrily mumbling "Poppa" to himself) and demanded to be let into the spare room to see where the elusive grandparent had been hiding.

So now you know. Thanks for the memories, folks.

Saturday, February 5


Poppa's just finished constructing a new set of units for Ted in the room-formerly-known-as-the-conservatory. Thought you'd all like to see...

Pretty smart, huh?