Monday, October 31

Happy Halloween

Another year, another fancy dress. This time, I dropped a few hints and finally Dad managed to find one of these cool cloaks with the high collar.

He still tried to put that pointy hat with the orange hair on me, but I soon put paid to that idea!

Saturday, October 29

A Day at the Farm (part 3)


Plenty of animals, but I think the slide works best.


A Day at the Farm (part 2)


So this is what it's all about... can't see the fuss myself. Steady as a rock, can't be that hard to steer, surely.

A Day at the Farm (part 1)

We went to a nearby farm today with my friend James from nursery. Here I am with my new coat (thank you, Grandma) and wellies, ready for the off.

Tuesday, October 25

Pooped pooch

It was obviously a long day... Ted fell asleep on the way home from nursery.

And then remained pretty much asleep for the next 15 minutes.

And then only woke up (when I tried to wash his face with a flannel) enough to get his pyjamas on and get into bed.


Sunday, October 16

New top

Thanks for the smart top Auntie Jill

Nap time

Lie down grandma, move over grandma, sleep time grandma.

Saturday, October 15

Hold the panini

I took grandma house and grandad for a walk and out to lunch at the cheesecake shop. They had chicken panini without chicken and I had chicken panini with lots of chicken and no panini ;-) We also had triple chocolate cheesecake which I like best, just keeping up those family genes ;-)

Friday, October 14

Blowing your own trumpet

It won't mean much to most, but I was proud and really rather chuffed to receive a "star award" after spending this week in a local school getting some classroom experience ahead of applying to retrain as a teacher next year.

Thursday, October 13

Parent's evening at nursery

Apparently Teddy is very popular and has lots of friends. He likes to get involved in everything that is going on and 'gets his money worth.' He is very bright (despite his parents) and responsive to others' emotions, including looking after people who are upset by smiling at them and trying to make them smile too - very cute.

Wednesday, October 12

A wee bit of news

I did my first wee wee in a potty today. Now I get to run around nursery without a nappy in my grown up pants ;-)

(Help! - Mummy)

Tuesday, October 11

Close encounters of the feathered kind

Having both finished early today, we took Ted to the local nature reserve to see the ducks.

"Okay Ted, so who's going to tell them that there's no food?"

Tuesday, October 4


We are now officially at home to the "No!" monster. Someone flicked a switch again.