Tuesday, May 24


Need I say more?

Actually, it was really all rather painless. I sat on Mummy's lap in the chair and the nice man tried to get me to open my mouth. *chuckle*

In fairness it turns out I wasn't all that successful at keeping him out as he managed to spot that my "frenulum" (or something like that - turns out its the bit skin that anchors your upper lip to your gums) is very low which is why I have a bit of a gap between my front teeth, apparently. Nothing serious... *phew*... But he's going to keep an eye on things and make sure it sorts it itself when the next set of teeth come through, as it should.

Wait a minute... Just hang on... There's another set of teeth to come, Mummy?

Tuesday, May 17

Feeding the ducks

Mummy and Daddy took me to the park this evening after nursery because the weather was so nice. They even remembered to bring some bread so I could feed the ducks.

Ducks are fascinating...

So I took a closer look...

Thursday, May 12

Dropping like nine-pins

Time to play the sympathy card. I had a very bad night with an ear infection, so I went to the see the doctor today and hit an all-time personal best: a swab was taken and sent away and I'm on oral antibiotics as well as ear drops. Woo-hoo!

To cap it, we've just had a call from Ted's nursery to say that he, too, has an ear infection. Which explains a lot - we thought his ear was gummy this morning, but put it down to a very snotty nose. Apparently not.

All together now... ah!

Tuesday, May 10

Vindication, perhaps?

After consulting with my doctor, apparently I may've had chicken pox after all (yaa-boo, Dad). It seems that it's the norm in under twos for chicken pox to be abnormal in presentation.

Friday, May 6

The little boy who cried "varicella"

Okay, so Aesop didn't write the original cautionary tale that way, but the same conclusions can be drawn.

For the third time, Ted has been kept back from nursery with suspected chicken pox - this time he did have a good spread of spots (mostly on his arms and legs, some on his face) - but once again it appears as though it was a false alarm. I'm not sure if Ted can actually conjure up spots at will, but if his desired outcome is to get his grandparents to come and visit, then he's got a pretty high success rate so far.

We're not sure what the cause of the spots is on this occasion, so he's still not going to be going back to nursery until they've all cleared up, but the symptoms (spots aside) are a runny nose and an incredibly grumpy little boy who expresses his displeasure if everything doesn't go exactly as he wants them to... Wait... I know that that last part sounds relatively normal for a toddler, but it's been much more noticeable.

Thursday, May 5

Smoke me a kipper...

...I've got a passport and I'm ready to travel! Apparently it's only good for 5 years, but that should be plenty of time to set up my world empire, shouldn't it?

Thanks to both Carrie and Simon for being willing to acknowledge that they know me.

Sunday, May 1

Child slavery?

Dad did explain it to me... and I know it made sense when he said it... but I still can't figure out why I'm the one doing the hoovering while he's sorting the lunch out!