Saturday, November 19

Edvard von Hakkencoff

Poor old Ted; he came home from nursery on Thursday with a bit of a cough.

Yesterday the cough worsened through the day, his temperature rose and his breathing sped up. In short he wasn't that well. Good old "Calpol" brought some relief for a while.

Last night, however, things got worse. The cough returned... as did Ted, every two hours or less. Finally at "0-5-hundred-hours" ("what does the 0 stand for?") Nikki was sufficiently concerned to ring our local out of hours service and, one quick trip to the doctor later, Ted has his first course of antibiotics for his first chest infection (lucky lucky).

So this morning we're taking things as easy as we can, letting Ted sleep if he can/will.

And this is comfortable, how, Ted?


Thursday, November 17

"Thankyou for flying dummy-free"

Yes indeedy. It has now been two nights since Ted even asked for a dummy. Success, we feel! The first few nights were more along the pattern of...

Ted: "Dummy?"
Parent: "No darling, no dummy. We threw them all out, remember? You're a big boy now, you don't need a dummy."
Ted: "Dummy?"
Parent: "No darling. Night night."
Ted: "Waaah!" (repeat for some period of time)

But, as expected, the period of complaint diminished and has now gone. The night before last, we think he asked for a dummy, but we ignored the request and nothing came from it. Then, last night, he didn't even ask.

Mind you, he hasn't been sleeping at nursery this week so far.


Sunday, November 13


Due to Blogger now allowing me to moderate posted comments, I've relaxed the restriction on who can post. There are further measures which can be taken if this doesn't quite work, and if all else fails (e.g. a minority of spammers insist on trying to ruin it for everybody) I will simply re-inforce the restriction.

In other words, if you're here and you know I know you, feel free to comment on anything I, Nikki or Ted have said.

Saturday, November 12

"You are now entering a dummy-free zone"

We finally decided that enough was enough with Ted and his dummies. They seemed to be more of a distraction than a comfort, so we started off by simply not sending one with him to nursery. That seemed to work - he actually slept normally all this week at nursery.

So this afternoon, we went for a dummy-less sleep at home. After some (and I do mean some) whinging he settled down and slept nicely for over an hour.

So... After his nap we ceremonially binned the dummies (he wouldn't help, but he didn't get too upset). One bath and story time later, and again after some whinging ("Book, Mummy", "Light on, Mummy" ... "Light off, Mummy") he's now settled quietly.

Watch this space...

Wednesday, November 9

Like the hat?

I loved it. Them. Both of them. On reflection, the white one fitted best, tho.

G'night all it's bath time, now.

Sunday, November 6

Two Squirrels

Sounds an innocuous phrase, right?

"Two squirrels".

Nothing outrageous about that (except maybe the fact that we have two squirrels in our back garden), no sir-ee.

Except when it's followed by "Daddy" and uttered by your two year old (and two months, Ted, I know) son. Your son who, so you thought, can't count (oh yes, he can list the numbers from 1 to 10 in order, but count? no!).

My heart melted.


Saturday, November 5

New House

So, there's something out here, you say?

Ooooh! Wonder what's in here?

Daddy insisted I put one in, so you can see his wall-papering handiwork. I picked this one, just to prove that he really did fit!

Wow! Just... Wow! (And yes, this photo was taken from the inside.)

Friday, November 4

Look at me!

Mummy offered me a drink and an apple when we got back from nursery, this evening.

Then she made a huge fuss over the fact that I climbed up on this stool to have my snack! I can't understand it - I just wanted to sit down.