Tuesday, March 29

THiPs (Tedster Highway Patrol)

Let's take a moment to salute the unsung heroes of our service...

Here is Officer Ted Harcombe shortly before his death-defying stunt. When encouraged to bring the bike down into the playroom, our hero didn't stop to think about dismounting and carrying his vehicle - oh no, fearless Ted just carried on trundling and vaulted straight over the handlebars.

We salute you, Ted!

Sunday, March 20

This just in

It was a rather heavy sermon this week!

Tuesday, March 15


Did I mention I hate colds? *sniff*

Saturday, March 12

A tall story

Had a great play day with my mate Charlie. He is a few days older then me and actually taller. Humph Mum... obviously need more time in my grobag!

The return to nursery!

Had a great week at nursery; the only tears were shed by Mum when she left me on Monday ;-) Yesterday was red nose day and we had an 'inside out' day hence the photo - my captors continue to torment me. Nursery said I have been very good all week, happy and smiley and apparently I talk a lot, all the time in fact (wonder which side of the family that comes from - both?)