Sunday, August 28


At last! Here he is, having finally been persuaded to try out the new swing (obviously memories of it's past record of viciously attacking toddlers has now faded). It's quite a hit, although the orange bar that you see in the front of the swing is no longer required; he quite insistently says "No, Daddy, no" if he's put in the swing with the bar still in place - thankfully, there's also a seat belt.

Happy Birthday to me and Uncle Peter

So what shall we eat at Morley Hayes today?

Saturday, August 27

Happy Birthday to Me

Had a lovely day yesterday, Mummy and Daddy worked very hard [Daddy made me say this*] on getting everything and everyone organised. But they assure me it was worth it as all went very smoothly and I know I had a great time and apparently other people have said so, too. So that's alright.

*Is that okay, Dad, can I have another slice of cake, now, please?

Friday, August 26

"Play it again, Ted"

This is proving to be a very popular present. Ted can happily change CDs (I've copied a couple of his onto CD-R so that sticky fingers don't ruin the originals) and knows which buttons to press to play, pause, turn up the volume and switch on the microphone.

Of course, given that he keeps changing the CD we do hear a lot of the first track on each CD.

For the finishing touch to this picture of audio bliss, it has to be understood that by a strange quirk of fate, both CDs start with the same song (albeit differing arrangements). Altogether now... "The wheels on the bus go round and round..." and round... and round...


Wednesday, August 24

Not that shirt, Mum!

Honestly... parents! You can't trust them to choose anything properly. I mean, I may be small and unable to reach the rail, but it's not like I can't pick my own clothes.

This morning was the final straw and I finally had to put Mummy straight - I wanted the T-shirt with the lion on. She got the message eventually (although I had to mime the pawing of the feline in question to underscore the point - she apparently didn't pick up the roar as a strong enough hint).

Shame I then spilled drink all down it today at nursery.


Monday, August 15

"Cow. Moo!"

Just a quick note to say thanks for the cow postcard, Auntie Hil. It's great - I've got Dad to pop it in with the other photos by my changing table, so I can take it out and have a look when I'm otherwise indisposed.

Saturday, August 13

Oh... that toy, Ted

I was in Ted's wardrobe the other day, with Ted on his changing table, when a squawk was heard. Now this particular squawk (difficult to express electronically) is generally used to convey an interest in some un-nameable thing. And so it was in this instance. The article in question was, as it turns out, a Duplo toy that his Great Aunts Hil and Di had sent which had been deemed "too grown-up"... but now Ted was of a different opinion; and so, after consulting with the Oracle, it was duly recognised that Ted had indeed "grown-up" since then and the planets were suitably aligned.

So here he is, playing with the tanker. It was an immediate hit.

Friday, August 12


...but what is it?

Answer: It's the flower of the plant that's against the fence just outside our kitchen window.

Answers telling me what the heck it's actually called (and whether Ted can eat it) on an e-mail to the usual address.

Monday, August 8

Ice cream, yous cream

Another day, another cone. Ted's technique is improving in the ice cream stakes - he definitely knows what to do with one; he just has to be sitting down to eat it... and no, sitting in his pushchair isn't good enough.

I know, I know, we've always insisted on him sitting down to eat so I can't really complain.


Saturday, August 6

To swing, perchance to dream...

So here's Ted's new swing. Lovely, isn't it? We think so. Apparently Ted doesn't tho, as he hasn't wanted to get in it, yet.

Of course, it may be related to the fact that when he first went to play with it, he pushed it... and it swing back and hit him in the head.


Friday, August 5

On vocabulary and things

Ted has a new phrase, which we can only assume comes from one of the ladies at nursery. When something goes wrong he has been heard to utter "whoops-a-daisy" (or more correctly "whoop-daidy"). Which at least proves that the staff are being careful to watch their language, or at least so we assume, given that the phrase doesn't seem to be in normal everyday use elsewhere.

On the whole his vocabulary is expanding rapidly and he'll often just join in a conversation by repeating odd bits of the previous sentence back at you... which means we have to be very careful around Ted now; very careful indeed. And no Eminem CDs any more, either!

Monday, August 1

Our son, the seagull

Not sure whether Ted has been sneaking downstairs of an evening to watch "Finding Nemo" and so decided to use the gulls for inspiration but we are entering the zone now where everything is "mine" - even (especially?) the things which aren't.

Reminds me of a recent radio advert which said words to the effect of "if I like it, it's mine... if I can see it and I like it, it's mine... if you lend it to me with the express understanding that I'll give it back, I won't... it's mine"