Thursday, June 30

The never-ending noodle

The never-ending noodle

Ted was apparently in no rush to go to bed, so as we were having stir fry, I put a small portion aside for the Tedster. Apparently, next time, I should consider cutting up his noodles for him.

Sorry, Ted.

Wednesday, June 29

To sleep, perchance to dream

So finally, last night, we got a full night's sleep. That makes it the first since we got home on Friday from Toronto.

This was actually in spite of a rather lovely electrical storm (thunder, lightning, the complete works... it was lovely) that although not completely overhead managed to dim the lights a few times.


Toddlers... never predictable. Can't live with 'em, can't legally throttle them when they wake up just as you're going to bed and then bury them under the patio.

Sunday, June 5

Linen cupboards... aren't they fun?

Today we were having a clear-out in the linen cupboard. At one point we turned around and thought "where's Ted?" Then we spotted the cupboard doors ajar and a pair of little hands holding them closed. After that it was only a short step to clearing out the bottom section so Ted could have a "den" to play in while we finished up the sorting.

Thursday, June 2

Just call me Mr Sociable

I've now had two party invites from friends at nursery. Luckily enough, Mummy and Daddy seem to be happy to let me go along, so I don't have to sort them out on that score (they still require training, although they are getting better).

Mummy sounded a little bit perplexed when the first invite arrived and she realised I was now getting invites to parties with people that they didn't even know. Daddy looked a little cross-eyed, too. But they appear to have gotten used to the idea now.

So the first party is next weekend at Lanky Bills and then the other one is in July at a nearby pub called The Beekeeper.

Now, how to let Mummy and Daddy know where I want to go... Answers on an email to the usual address, please.