Tuesday, February 28


First you make the batter

Then you have to toss them!!

P.S. For all parents out there - Ted had his own cold frying pan and did not eat this pancake ;-)

Friday, February 24


As previously mentioned I decided a change was required and so applied to train as a primary school teacher.

After an awful mauling in a PGCE interview (which, strangely enough, didn't result in an offer of a place) I was able to be a bit better prepared in the GTP interview and received in the post this morning an offer of a place by the college (Nottingham Trent University for those of you that may be following this at home) for the course starting this September at a school to be decided (although I'm hopeful that it will be at the local school at which I got the afore-posted experience and "Star Award" sticker).

So that's nice. To understate things just a tad.

Sunday, February 12

Baking for nursery cake stall

Grandma is this how we break up the biscuits for chocolate crunch?
Mummy wouldn't let us use the blender, apparently we dont have the right training, so I am using my hammer instead ;-)