Sunday, April 13

Guess something's going right, there

Set the scene - it's Friday evening, sometime shortly after 6pm (maybe more like 6.30pm in fairness)...

"C'mon, Ted. S'bed time," says I.
"Is it school tomorrow, Dad?"
"No, Ted, it's the weekend, " I reassured him. "You've got two whole days at home."

Ted pauses for a moment.

"What day is it after that?"
"It's Monday, darling. A school day again."
"Yippee!" crows Ted, arms pumping in the air.

Seems we're no longer needed :)



Tuesday, August 28

You're not making a canoe out of me!

Got my arms jabbed today - the last (hah! like I haven't heard that before) in readiness for school. And look - to make sure I didn't take on water in the bath they plugged the holes... that's what Dad said, at least.

Now I actually say it out loud...


I think I'll check that with Mum, later. She did say I was really brave about it - I was just fascinated to watch what was happening (Mum tried to distract me with my toy car, but I wasn't falling for that one again) and it didn't hurt much, really.

Monday, August 27

Family traditions

A close call, this one. Was feeling lousy the evening before Ted's party (and Nikki was working) when I was supposed to make the cake - even talked about buying one - then had a fantastic night's sleep and woke up feeling great, so went for it.

Just squeaked in :)

This is it, in situ at Ted's party - and here's one of the birthday boy about to blow out his candles.


Friday, July 27

Doing an Uncle Peter

Tuesday, July 24

A toddler's first face paint

Wednesday, July 11

There were three in the bed...

...and the Daddy said, "no, count those again, Ted!"

(Ted had taken all of his friends in to see Uncle Peter and Auntie Kirsten that morning - so Uncle Peter returned the favour before the headed back to NZ).

Wednesday, March 28

My name is...

Actually it's Wednesday, isn't it, so I should be saying "je m'appelle Ted" - I have French lessons on Wednesdays at nursery. They're cool, we get to play games and sing songs and I nearly alway come home with a sticker!

Now all I have to do is explain to Mummy and Daddy (although why I have to explain is beyond me, as it seems perfectly clear) that I can only speak French on Wednesdays, as that's the only day I have my lesson.

Au revoir, tout le monde.